International Business Summit

Tribe Tokyo II will take place in two parts over two days between September 21st and September 22nd.

The first day (September 21st) will consist of Pitch Sessions that will take place over 8 intense hours, as 5 powerful investors from Japan, China and The United States will hear 40 entrepreneur pitches from the Japanese market each lasting 10 minutes. Each investor will give away golden passes to the entrepreneurs they want to meet with privately during our evening red carpet event.

On the final day (September 22nd), a night time red carpet networking event will take place along with the 5 powerful investors, and the 40 entrepreneurs who pitched earlier in front of our investors. Other executive businessmen and businesswomen will join our event totalling 100 guests. Our investors will announce the companies they have chosen for their private meetings during the evening's proceedings.

Worldwide Media coverage from 3 major publications will provide exposure to our event reaching an audience of over 1 billion people. A livestream will also take place during the events proceedings to over 4 million Chinese viewers.

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Yang Ning


Mr. Yang Ning is the Co-Founder of Xiangshang film and LeBox Capital. He also founded ChinaRen, and AIR Network. He is one of the most active angel investors in China. He recently began focusing on investments related to Artificial Intelligence and the entertainment industry.

Batara Eto

Japan, Indonesia

Known for having started Japan’s first basic social media platform, Mixi, Mr. Batara Eto is now the co-founder of East Ventures and continues to invest in startups across countries such as Japan, the U.S, and his home country of Indonesia.

Wu Zongwei


Mr. Wu Zongwei is one of China’s most influential and leading investors and entrepreneurs with a focus in real estate and culture. As of recently, he has been investing heavily in high-tech industries.

He is an executive officer of Hong Kong Golden Peony Foundation and executive director of Golden Peony World Carnival (Beijing) Investment Corp., LTD

The Golden Peony Foundation was founded in August of 2005 in Hong Kong and owns gold mines in Canada and Australia. As of February 2017, the assets of the affiliated investment subsidiary reached 156 billion USD (about 17 trillion JPY).

Gerard Adams

The United States

Mr. Adams is an American serial entrepreneur, millennial branding expert,philanthropist, TEDx speaker and business executive.

Adams is best known as co-founder of Elite Daily, which sold to the Daily Mail in 2015 for $50 million.

He is an experienced angel investor, millennial thought leader and social entrepreneur who overcame early adversity to become a self-made millionaire by the age of 24. Now 30, he has built, backed or invested in nine businesses and trades across multiple industries that have all delivered over seven-figure profits. While he continues his role as an investor and influencer, his mission in life is to mentor and inspire young entrepreneurs on what it takes to be successful and how to turn dreams into reality.

Angel Investor

American serial entrepreneur, millennial branding expert, philanthropist, TEDx speaker and business executive.

Peter Voogd

The United States

Peter has been labeled as the world’s leading authority for millennials and entrepreneurs by and numerous other international publications. He stars in his own TV show called “The Entrepreneur Grind” on the Whatever It Takes Network. He is the founder of the prestigious Game Changer’s Academy, which is the premier networking community for young entrepreneurs.Peter's strategies have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider,, Yahoo Small Business, Yahoo Finance, MSN, and many other international outlets and publications.

The crux of Peter’s giving and influential mindset is based on the simple, yet powerful philosophy that the more people you are able to influence and help succeed, the more successful you in turn, will become.

Investor, millennial authority, founder of the Game Changer’s Academy, and creator of “The Entrepreneur Grind” TV series

Richard Lorenzen

The United States

Richard is an extraordinary American entrepreneur that built his career by venturing into online business and marketing at the young age of 15. He has incredibly built and sold a number of online media properties and at the age of 25, he is currently the founder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands, a New York based digital media and public relations firm. He belongs to the prestigious Young Entrepreneur Council, which is an exclusive organization made up of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America.

With an extensive knowledge attained from his years of successes, Richard now speaks across the U.S to inspire and to empower his listeners into becoming highly successful entrepreneurs.

Investor, The Founder and CEO of Fifth Avenue Brands in New York

Timothy Sykes

The United States

The founder, Timothy Sykes is a millionaire stock trader, entrepreneur and teacher who has been featured on CNN, Fox News and Men’s Journal amongst others. Famous for turning $12,000 of his Bar Mitzvah money into $1.65M while still in college, he went on to now run one of the the largest online trading academies for penny stocks. In 2016 Tim founded the Timothy Sykes Foundation to improve education and opportunity around the world. The foundation has supported dozens of charities such as Make-A-Wish and The Boys & Girls Club and most notably made headlines with a $1 million donation to Pencils of Promise. The foundation has committed to building 1,000 schools for underprivileged youth in South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. Timothy has also become well known for documenting his journey and travels on Instagram for his audience of nearly 1 million followers.

Xue Ding


Xue Ding is the founder of OFO, which operates the world’s largest bicycle sharing platform that utilizes mobile applications. A number of major companies including Alibaba from China and the Japanese Softbank C&S have provided investment support that helped raise OFO’s enterprise value to $2 billion. Within less than a year, OFO will branch its services to seven countries, which includes Singapore, the UK, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and the U.S in order to provide services for up to 8 million users across 170 cities. As of recently, OFO’s platform has provided 3 billion effective, convenient, and ecologically friendly rides for up to 100 million users worldwide.

Hou Jianwei


Mr. Hou Jianwei has experience in financial management and investment consultation with one of China’s largest companies grain companies, the China National Cereals, Oils, and Foodstuffs Corporation (COFCO), and is also the co-founder of Kown Fund Management Co., Ltd. He also provided management and investment advising for China’s state-owned investment development company, Hong Kong’s China Galaxy International, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), and China XD Group alongside other private equity funds. He is also a member of the CIIA, the Certified International Investment Analyst, Financial Risk Manager (FRM), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and the Certified Public Accountants Association.

Kazuyoshi Hisano

Special Judge


He is the founder and CEO of CONOWAY Co., Ltd. and provides professional business coaching for a number of company executives through his “CEO Coaching” services. With his coaching services, many companies have reported increased sales, profit, and productivity.

Pitch companies

Value for Investors

Top Companies · International Medias


Highly promising

Conduct Business in the growing:
Japanese / Chinese / United States market.

Select top companies to meet with & invest in after our summit.

Build a network with other powerful investors from the east and the west.

Gain international media exposure for your brand.

Value for Entrepreneurs

Financial Support · Private Meetings · 3 Main Medias



Find financial support and resources from the international market across Japan, China, and The United States.

Opportunity to pitch in front of 5 powerful investors from Japan, China, and The United States.

Opportunity to win golden passes for guaranteed private meetings with individual investors.

Opportunity to gain worldwide exposure from our 3 main medias that report news worldwide.

Build your network with other powerful entrepreneurs worldwide.

Value for Medias

5 Influential Investors · VIP Guests



Join the world’s first private summit exhibiting international business between Investors and top entrepreneurs from the 3 most powerful countries in the world: Japan, China, and The United States

Access to the emerging developments and insights in the Japanese, Chinese, and United States business market

Gain exclusive coverage of 5 influential investors from Japan, China and The United States in an international spotlight

Exclusive coverage of more than 40 promising entrepreneurs and their companies from the Japanese market

Collaborate with other international mainstream media seeking potential opportunities for business and advertising in your publication

Value for Sponsors

5 Influential Investors · 40 Highly Promising Companies · 3 Main Medias





Sponsors have the naming rights of this international summit, their brand will be displayed prominently before, during and after the international business summit on the main page, promotional pages, posters and on social media. In addition sponsor logos will be displayed on the step and repeat banner as well as a promotional video play on our background big screen

Sponsors have the opportunity to appear prominently in the mainstream media in Japan, China, The United States and other international media to improve the global visibility of their company (the mainstream media coverage will reach more than 100 countries, 250 cities, and nearly 1 billion people)

Sponsors have access to more than 5 top investors and more than 40 leading entrepreneurs from Japan, China, The United States and other countries to establish potential business opportunities and partnerships

The summit will provide a platform for sponsors to provide promotional goods and services to this exclusive crowd

Social media exposure from Tribe Network and Teamz Entertainment

Event Details

Event Name: Tribe Tokyo Business Summit & Tribe
  Tokyo Red Carpet Event
Date: September 21st(Thu) and 22nd(Fri), 2017
Time: Tribe Tokyo Business Summit
  September 21st(Thu)
  Tribe Tokyo Red Carpet Event
  September 22nd(Fri)

Location for September 21st (Thu):

Toranomon Hills Mori Tower 5F, 1-23-3
  Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6305
Location for September 22nd (Fri): Shangri-La Hotel 27F Marunouchi Trust Tower Main,
  1-8-3 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8283, Japan
Tickets: Entrepreneur Pass: 100,000JPY
  (includes 1 free entrance for the Red Carpet Event to the company that participates in the Pitch Session)
  Red Carpet Pass: 20,000JPY (Red Carpet Event only)

What is Tribe Tokyo

Tribe Tokyo is an international summit that emphasizes business, academic, technological and cultural collaboration between top executives across Japan, China, The United States, and the World.

The Tribe Tokyo International Summit is held four times a year, each time in Tokyo and exemplifies the commercial, academic, cultural and technical interests of the representatives gathered for objectives related to investment, research, and collaborative meetings and discussions.

The summit and its proceedings will be exhibited through the world's mainstream media impacting more than 100 countries, 250 cities, and nearly 1 billion people.

On May 28th, 2017, Los Angeles based Tribe Network International and Tokyo based TEAMZ Co., Ltd launched the first edition of Tribe Tokyo. 60 executive guests from over 15 countries in 12 major industries gathered 3 hours privately to network at the Luxurious Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills on the 52nd floor rooftop.

Tribe Tokyo was sponsored by two companies from The United States: The World Networks, a group whose goals is to connect millions of entrepreneurs around the world; The Arion Group, a full service management firm for wealthy individuals and professional athletes in The United States (MLB and NFL).

Japanese companies that contributed to the event include En-japan Inc, Japan’s largest recruiting company; Tradition Japan, a luxury kimono brand; Fleur Aroma, a luxury aroma company; Katayama Shuzo, an ancestral Japanese sake; Management HR Partners, a powerful HR company.

Coverage came via three media entities: Tecent, one of the biggest online medias in China; LA Style, an old-media giant; and Hollywood Glam, a well recognized publication in the United States.

Two prominent guests from China and Japan joined our event. From China, Mr. Ning Yang who is an investor and the co-founder of Xiangshang film which is valued at 3 billion dollars; Mr. Isao Ichikawa who is the former senior executive director of Mutsubishi Bank, and former chairman of Nikon Group was also a keynote speaker. During our evening, Mr. Ning Yang fully affirmed the meaning and the value of Tribe Tokyo, stating “China, Japan and The United States are the world's three major economies, if we collaborate, we will grow together, otherwise we must suffer separately.”

More than 25 private meetings were organized and tracked by our staff and many business opportunities are nearly closing to the deal today.

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